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  • What is the process for ordering a pet portrait?
    1. Check out my price list under Pet Portrait Commissions to decide on what size you would like, and if you would like your portrait done in graphite or color pencil/pastels. 2. Email me at with your reference photo(s). 3. Once we decide on size, color and reference photo, I'll create an item in my shop for you to pay the 25% deposit. 4. Once your portrait is complete, I will send you a watermarked picture of your finished pet portrait to you for your approval. 5. I'll then create a second item in my shop for you to pay the final payment. Once final payment is received, you're portrait will ship in 1-3 business days!
  • When will I recieve my custom pet portrait?
    Drawings are done on a first come, first serve basis. The amount of time it will take depends on the size you choose, how many subjects are in the drawing, and how many drawings I have booked prior to yours. Feel free to contact me for a better time estimate!
  • How do I send you photo's of my pet?
    You can email reference photo(s) of your pet to me at Not sure which photo to use? Feel free to send a bunch and I can suggest which picture will translate best to a drawing!
  • My pet portrait is a gift/suprise. Will you wait to post it on social media so it won't be seen?
    Absolutely! Pet portraits make great gifts and I wouldn't want to ruin the suprise! Just let me know if your pet portrait is a gift before I begin and I will hold off on posting any pictures until it is safe to do so.
  • How do I take a good reference photo of my pet?
    1. Take the photo at your pets eye level. 2. The better resolution and focus in your picture, the more detail I can capture! When you have a photo you like, try zooming in on the eye. Can you make out the details and does it look clear? Perfect! This sounds like a great reference photo. 3. Turn off the flash. Natural light makes for a much better photo! 4. The long face of a horse is prone to distortion. If you are taking a photo of your horse, close detailed shots of the eyes and direction of hair are great, but also back up to take photos so the head is in better proportion. 5. The color of fur can change depending on the light source. A black horse can look almost brown in direct sunlight! When you look at the photo, does it feel like an accurate representation of the color of your pet?
  • My pet is deceased and the photo's I have aren't very good. Can you still draw a pet portrait?
    I am so sorry for the loss of your pet and thank you for the honor in letting me be a part of celebrating him/her with a pet portrait. I completely understand there are circumstances where good photo's just aren't possible. I will try my best to work with what you have and create a portrait that captures your pet.
  • How do I pay for my pet portrait?
    First, contact me to discuss your pet portrait. Once I am ready to begin your drawing, I will create an item in my shop specifically for your drawing (ex. Greta and Ruby's deposit or Greta and Ruby's final payment). You can then pay for your portrait by purchasing this item. If you have any questions regarding this process, please reach out!
  • I want 2 pets in the same portrait, but can't get a good picture of them together! What do I do?
    No problem! I can combine two separate photos into one portrait! It's better to have two separate photos that are good quality, then one photo showing both pets that's poor quality.
  • What is a Giclée print?
    My prints of my original drawings are Giclée prints. Giclée prints are the gold standard for the highest quality prints possible. Prints have a high resolution of at least 600 dpi and are printed onto archival paper using pigment based ink. This ensure's long and lasting enjoyment of your new piece of artwork!
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