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Painting Brushes

Pet Portrait Commissions

 Commissioning a pet portrait is a one of a kind process that is done with intention and love. I know how much your pet means to you, because my own pets are my world! 

It is my goal to not only create a portrait that holds a likeness in looks and in spirit, but to create a piece of art that when you walk by, puts a smile on your face as you are reminded of the deep bond and love you share!

How to go about commissioning
your pet portrait!

  • Check out the price list below to help determine what size you would like, and decide if you would like your portrait done in graphite, or colored pencils/pastels.

  • Email me at to get the process started! You can send any reference photo's you would like me see, and let me know what size and medium(graphite or color) you would like. Check out my FAQ for what makes a good reference photo!

  • Once we have the reference photo, size and color established, I'll create an item in my shop just for you where you can pay the 25% deposit.

  • Once I complete your portrait, I'll send you a picture to make sure you're happy with it! I will then create a second item in my shop for you to purchase where you can make the final payment!

Sound like a lot of steps? Start with an email and I can help you through the process and any questions you might have!



Pet Portraits

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